Call for Submissions!: Borders

TAKE magazine is now accepting submissions for the Spring 2016 issue based on the theme “borders”. Here are some related key words and themes to get you started: frames, margins, transitions, geographies, nation, identity, gender, divides, difference, community, policed, confinement, exit, entrance, disconnect, ends and beginnings.

Submissions are informal and can be written or visual (like social commentary, poetry or art). Contributions can also be sent to us anonymously or under a pseudonym.

We are also looking for students to write short reviews for albums, films, books, video games, and/or local restaurants, or other venues. Reviews are rated out of 5 stars and the written portion can be no longer than 200 words. The reviewed piece does not need to be related to the issues’ theme.

Featured submissions on “borders” will be featured on this blog with the author’s permission:

The deadline for submitting is April 1st, April 15 2016.

All submissions and questions can be emailed to We look forward to your contributions!

TAKE team


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